Thank you to the following FIRST teams for helping to distribute #FIRSTLikeAGirl buttons at both champs!

8265 Bacon Builders, 1920 FlufflePuff
& 17355 Thunderbolts

FIRST TECH Challenge
4962 Rockettes & 9789 TOXIC

FIRST Robotics Competition
1902 Exploding Bacon, 5816 GraV, 180 SPAM, 2974 Walton Robotics, 4188 Columbus Space Program, 2996 Cougars Gone Wired, 1296 Full Metal Jackets, 148 Robowranglers, 4481 Team Rembrandts, 4967 That ONE Team-OurNextEngineers, 1511 Rolling Thunder, 1018 Pike RoboDevils, 5401 Fightin’ Robotic Owls, 2509 Tigerbots

It was an amazing experience to work with the so many generous teams to distribute buttons as Champs.  From the call for help on social media to the help coordinating behind the scenes.  We had more offers than we could accomodate and more demand than we could meet.  We are encourage by the response from Women, men, girls and boys: FIRST is a remarkable community that will change the culture of the world.